Mega W Lobito Mobel membrane shorts

Mega W Lobito Mobel membrane shorts
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Mega W Lobito Mobel membrane shorts

The MEGA series has been conceived and tested by and for professional cycling. A perfected pattern, combined with high-end fabrics and components for maximum performance in higher intensity cycling. SLIM FIT pattern perfect for cyclists with an advanced level of slim build. Designed to promote an efficient posture and achieve maximum static and dynamic power.



INNER BE-HOT thermo-adjustable fabric designed specifically for winter cycling shorts. It ensures maximum elastic and compressive behavior while incorporating the latest thermal technology to provide the body with the necessary warmth and perfect moisture regulation. Our star fabric for the most demanding cyclists when they train and compete in very cold temperatures.


  • NELUMBO membrane on upper front parts.
  • Lycra INNER BE-HOT on the rest. Maximum protection against the cold.
  • Design: Lobito BLACK.
  • INNER BE-HOT braces.
  • Elastic trim on straps.
  • SPACE HCS chamois 14 mm. (*)
  • THICKNESS: 14 mm.
  • DENSITY: 60 – 80 – 120 Kg/cm³

(*) SPACE HCS, our “top of the range” chamois, also manufactured by ELASTIC INTERFACE®, is a high-performance, elite-quality piece for the most demanding cyclists in the peloton. It is designed with a new multi-directional curvature so that it adapts perfectly to the body and allows optimal pelvic rotation, providing comfort and protection at maximum pressure points. It is a pad for intensive use and long distances, with a combination of several densities, one inside the other; In the central part, two 120 kg/m³ 10 mm high-density foam sandwiches plus the 200 kg/m³ 4 mm HCS guarantee extreme support along all support areas. Around it, a foam ring with a density of 60 kg/m³ acts as a transition between the high-density foams and the wings, where the pedaling movement is generated. This foam-in-foam construction allows for better contact with the saddle and greater stability.

HCS layer (Hybrid Cell System): 200 kg/m³ density and consisting of open and closed cells at the same time. The open cells allow very high breathability and the closed cells guarantee constant support capacity for extreme distances. The elastic return characteristic of this material (memory effect) allows it to recover its shape during the cyclist's micro-movements when moving on the saddle, thus guaranteeing constant support capacity. The EIT COOLCUBE Fabric made of Elastic Interface® and certified by OEKO-TEX, made of polyester combined with polyamide, ensures maximum softness in contact with the skin and guarantees ultra-fast drying. The fabric is bacteriostatic (not antibacterial), that is, it helps preserve the bacteria that our body produces, but does not allow fungi and exogenous bacteria (that come from air and humidity) to proliferate; preventing bad odors from accumulating in the garment and maintaining proper hygiene. The central channel of the chamois is designed so that blood flows through the perineal area of the pudendal artery and the tingling sensation does not appear, being the point of maximum pressure in the entire body and preventing injuries or illnesses.


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