Lobito Aerosports Thermal Revolution Bib Shorts

Lobito Aerosports Thermal Revolution Bib Shorts
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Lobito Aerosports Thermal Revolution Bib Shorts

The thermal Revolution Bib Shorts are very elastic and are designed to adapt perfectly to the body, allowing total freedom of movement. The mesh and perforated elastic straps guarantee great support and total sweat expulsion. In addition, its brushed fabric allows you to maintain body temperature in cold conditions.

The two front elastic bands distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders. At the end of the leg it has straps that are attached to the heel, thus preventing the garment from moving from its ideal position. It maintains a good fit of the clothing to the cyclist's body, thus preventing the garment from slipping on other fabric or on the skin. The thermal Revolution Bib Shorts have flat seams. These seams are not bulky, preventing uncomfortable rubbing on the skin and providing greater comfort while improving the design of the garment.



The Orleans fabric is highly breathable and designed to fit next to the skin for a soft touch. Keeps skin dry by quickly dispersing moisture and promoting evaporation. Its elasticity guarantees total adaptation and comfort.

It is an ideal fabric for the coldest moments. The interior padding provides heat without causing excessive sweating thanks to its great breathability and ability to expel moisture to the outside. In addition, it is also very elastic and resistant to abrasion.

Thermal polyamide is composed of 90% polyester and 10% elastomer (extra life). This will provide us with great elasticity and at the same time a high performance in muscle recovery, since due to its great compression it manages to keep lactic acid under control.

In addition to its lightness, this fabric provides great freedom of movement and a perfect fit to the body.

The Devon Grid fabric, with 80% polyester, 20% elactane and its low weight, is elastic, light and very pleasant to the touch. It provides an excellent level of breathability in hot conditions, keeping the skin dry and cool.


  • Thermal and breathable fabric.
  • UV protection.
  • Anatomical cut.
  • Flat seams.
  • Light.
  • Premium chamois.


The Premium chamois is ideal for the Revolution Bib Shorts.

This range consists of an open cell foam with a multi-layer density of 65 (kg / m3) and 120 density (kg / m3) and a total thickness of 16 mm that guarantee excellent protection during cycling.

The first layer has a density of 65 and a thickness of 4 mm. Therefore, it guarantees high elasticity of the product and a pleasant sensation of softness in contact with the body.

The second layer is 120 density and 12 mm thick. This makes it compatible with the cyclist over extreme distances, and as a result guarantees excellent protection and comfort.

The perforation of the foam with 3 mm holes significantly increases breathability and air passage in the pad, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and allowing the chamois to dry in less time than other traditional products.

Thanks to all these qualities, the Premium chamois is suitable for a use time of more than 8 hours.


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